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[Video] Three Phases To Growing A Successful Photography Business

In this short video I take a look at why you shouldn't believe the myth that you can't be successful as a photographer today and support yourself and your family with your photography.

It doesn't matter what your market, or the state of the economy, they are just excuses. The trouble is most photographers copy what other photographers are doing, regardless of how successful they are or not.

What really matters is apply proven business principles to create a strategy that fits you, your business and your local market. There are three phases to this, and I share them in this video. Try and implement some without the other and it is a bit like trying to sit on a stool with a missing leg.

About the Author Louise Beattie

Louise Beattie is founder of the Prosperous Photographer. When she isn’t helping photographers fill their diary with clients by transforming their website from a pretty "brochure" to a hard working lead and client generating machine, Louise loves time playing with her dogs, MotoGP and watching The West Wing (again). She also likes to geek out about business and marketing.

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