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Four Simple Steps To Get Clear On What You Should Be Doing Today In Your Photography Business

Do you ever start your week or your day wondering what the hell you should be doing so that you can grow your business and book more clients? You don’t really know because you’ve had so much conflicting advice and you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused so you decide to go on Facebook to do some […]

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How To Get More Photography Clients In A Crowded Market Without Competing On Price (Part 2)

Welcome Back to Part 2 of How to get more clients in a crowded market without competing on price. In part 1 we talked about the “price of entry benefit” and how you can create a unique benefit to help you stand out from the crowd. We also talked about the “point of difference benefit” […]

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How To Get More Photography Clients In A Crowded Market Without Competing On Price (Part 1)

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in. You’re facing tough competition today! It’s never been so easy to set up as a professional photographer today. Your customers have more options than ever before which adds confusion and overwhelm to the consumer. If you’re not careful, you could become part of the commodity where […]

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Make your marketing believable and desirable

How To Make Your Marketing Believable And Desirable

Is your marketing believable and desirable? You might think it is, but what if your prospects can’t relate to your photographs because your website is full of hero images and they can’t ever imagine that being them?   Make People Feel Sometimes it is so dry and boring, it’s a bit like reading the photography equivalent […]

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what does your audeince truly want

What Does Your Audience Truly Want?

Seriously, do you truly know what they want? Or are you just assuming because of what every other photographer sells? Or maybe, because you have your reasons, you dictate to your prospects what they will buy? Think about it, you are going to spend anything from £100 or $100 upwards, sometimes way upwards, and you […]

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Are You Stuck In The Starving Photographer Myth?

Stop relying on luck to grow your photography business and take back the power to change your situation. Develop the awareness of the systems and strategies that exist to help you and stop relying on luck – it just robs you of the power to change your situation.

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