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Five Essential Focus Points For Your Photography Business

Have you seen the Tony Robbins’ Netflix movie, “I am Not Your Guru”? It is certainly interesting watching… One of the best things Tony consistently teaches is the power of habits or rituals. Your daily habits literally shape you. A poor person does different things every day than a rich person does. An overweight person has […]

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It Should Be Easy To Achieve Success As A Photographer This Way…

Why most will always struggle to achieve success as a photographer or small business owner… Before you get mad at that “pessimistic” opening line… keep reading… it will make sense in just a second.   “Learn from those who have achieved what you want to achieve” You’ve probably heard that about 1000 times. Back when […]

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are you sabotaging your photography business

Are You Sabotaging Your Photography Business?

Are you frustrated that the days when you could publish a website for your photography business and be confident of a steady flow of leads and clients are long gone? Feeling sick and tired of spending a small fortune on courses from rockstar photographers and gurus, trying everything that you were taught and still feeling […]

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Does Common Advice On Pricing For Photographers Do More Harm Than Good?

The other day I recorded a video about the common advice on pricing for photographers and why it’s doing more harm than good in many cases. Pricing strategies for photographers shouldn’t be a one size fits all thing. It depends very much on what phase your photography business is in, and therefore your current objectives. […]

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Are you sick and tired of conflicting photography business advice?

Are you sick and tired of conflicting photography business advice?

Couple of things I’ve seen on social media about photography business advice today fired me up. I won’t go into the first one, but I will share the second. And I’m sharing this and saying what I’m going to say with empathy and compassion because I was in a very similar situation years ago. I’m […]

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7 Steps To Creating A Successful Photography Business

7 Steps to Creating a Successful Photography Business

Have you ever felt that creating a successful photography business shouldn’t be as hard as it often seems? That there must be a better way of doing things than working crazy hours, trying to implement what others have done but it never quite seems to fit you and your business? I know that I felt […]

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are you charging enough photography pricing

Are You Charging Enough With Your Photography Pricing?

Do you ever feel that people don’t value your photography and that it’s an uphill battle trying to charge enough with your photography pricing to earn a decent living from your photography these days? If so, you are not alone – we live in the internet age. A client can compare prices by simply clicking […]

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When You First Dreamed Of Starting A Photography Business...

When You First Dreamed Of Starting Your Photography Business…

When you first dreamed of starting your photography business, how did it look? Lots of time photographing fun clients you enjoyed working with? A bit of time at the computer editing and doing your admin, but not too much? I remember working offshore in the oil industry. I used to work on subsea construction ships and […]

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Where is your business in the photography market

Where is your business in the photography market?

Right now, there’s a well-known photographer running a launch for a Personal Branding Photography course. In one of the launch videos, they talk about how the photography market and industry has changed this past year. They go on to talk about how long-standing photography businesses are finding their bookings are down this year compared to […]

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what do you do

How Do You Answer – “What Do You Do”?

Have you ever been somewhere and someone has asked you what do you do and when you replied “photographer” they responded with a “that’s nice” and moved the conversation on to something else because these days they think that everybody is a photographer, or they think that all a photographer does is point his camera […]

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