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How To Get The Best Results For Your Photography Business in 2018

Do you ever find that you start something with good intentions to help you grow your photography business yet you never seem to follow through to the end? You plan to complete it, implement what you learn yet somehow life or business always seem to get in the way?   You’re not alone. Many photographers […]

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Three Quick Wins To Give Your Photography Business A Boost

Building a photography business, any business, is a long term game even if most photographers wish it wasn’t! It’s about putting in place a long term strategy that gives you a profitable and sustainable business. However, it is totally possible to get quick wins along the way that give you a boost and help you […]

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[Video] Three Phases To Growing A Successful Photography Business

In this short video I take a look at why you shouldn’t believe the myth that you can’t be successful as a photographer today and support yourself and your family with your photography. It doesn’t matter what your market, or the state of the economy, they are just excuses. The trouble is most photographers copy […]

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3 phases to growing a successful photography business pt-2

3 Phases To Growing A Successful Photography Business – (Part Two)

Welcome back! Today’s the day I’m going to take you through the 3 phases to growing a successful and prosperous photography business. It’s going to be fun! Once I had discovered I was missing a strategy designed around me, my business and lifestyle, here’s what I found out… The right strategy removes all the overwhelm […]

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3 phases to growing a successful prosperous photography business

3 Phases To Growing A Successful Photography Business – (Part One)

Have you ever wondered why so many photographers struggle to support themselves and their families with their photography business? I used to ask myself the same question too and it wasn’t just me… Most of the photographers I knew were in exactly the same position as I was. If you’re thinking I’m exaggerating take a […]

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are you relying on luck to get clients in your photography business

Are You Relying On Luck To Get Clients In Your Photography Business?

Stop relying on luck to get clients in your photography business and use this 7 step strategy to get more clients and ensure that your time and energy is focused in the best way possible.

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Are You Stuck In The Starving Photographer Myth?

Stop relying on luck to grow your photography business and take back the power to change your situation. Develop the awareness of the systems and strategies that exist to help you and stop relying on luck – it just robs you of the power to change your situation.

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what is your core promise

What Do You Do?

How to craft your Core Promise – a simple formula to help you tell people what you do in a compelling way that sets you apart from all of your competitors.

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How To Research Your Ideal Client

Once you understand the importance of knowing your ideal client, you need to know how to research your ideal client. This can seem quite daunting at first, but in truth it need not be. There are quite a few ways that you can carry out this research. The best for you depends on what stage you are at […]

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Three Steps To Creating Your Ideal Client

Having a clear understanding of who your Perfect Client is allows you to stop spending time and money advertising to the wrong audience. Instead, you can focus on creating content and copy that really connect with your ideal customer. The most successful photographers create a connection with customers by showing that they are relatable. Research shows […]

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