Louise was a huge help in bringing focus to the Why (vs. the What) of my photography. Her ability to see the big picture and convey it in a simple, effective way made it easy for me to instantly apply her input into improving my marketing / promotional materials. Louise is also such a pleasure to interact with while being generous with her time, energy, experience, and input. I could feel how much she enjoys photography and what a reward it is for her to be of service to both the craft and to the people like her who are drawn to it. I definitely recommend Louise to anyone looking to take things to the next level.

Robert Bengtston The Art Of Detail

I think already knowing that there were things that needed to be updated might have stalled me in working with you – and I would have thought, “I'll wait until we actually tweak a few things’. before getting a review. The Golden Glove assessment gave me a fresh perspective… I needed an ‘obvious' adams to talk it over with me! Sometimes when you are so close to something, and you make small tweaks over the year, things get disjointed. Also, getting back to the main ‘why' is always a good thing! I will be making LOTS of changes within the next month! I loved having the opportunity to walk through the site with you as a ‘first time visitor' and seeing it through your eyes – especially where you said, “I don't know what a lovenote is…how can you make this a stronger offer” – and really just shifting the mindset of selling our enews (and from there, our classes) The main benefits for me were a * fresh perspective * chance to truly evaluate if the opt-in offer is in line with what you have to sell (after all, getting a big list of people who aren't interested in what you offer is rather, um, pointless!) * great tips on things I was overlooking (all your points on ‘proof' were brilliant – and super easy to implement!). I would recommend implementing the Golden Glove on your website because it's your first impression with a visitor – and you rarely get a chance to make a second impression. Before you start working on marketing strategies, email funnels, driving traffic to your site, make sure that you converting people now and your offer is clear! Once you get that nailed, you won't be wasting efforts by driving people to your site only to have them leave in the first 6 seconds! Thanks again Louise! I really appreciated your honesty and clear ideas on where the site can be improved!

Erin Brule http://themilkyway.ca


Had a 30 minute coaching / strategy call with Louise Beattie today. I must say I was quite surprised. It's not that I thought less of Louise. But I spend hours researching and reading blogs and attending webinars and just 30 minutes 1-2-1 really helped me work on my strategy. It takes a ton of hard work to be where you want to be but with the right strategy you can save yourself wasted hours or even money. That time can be spent on my business or with my family. It was like a quick de-misting of my windscreen. Cleared up a lot. Love this group.

Ste Walker Photographer

My 1 hour spent with Louise reviewing my website, allowed me to view my website and business from a customers eyes, demonstrating how I can better connect with my clients. She gave me an insight into the customer journey within my business and provided specific actions and areas to address that would improve my marketing, sales, customer journey and above all the profitability of my business. After only 3 days of putting the simple tips re productivity and prioritisation into practice I have seen a big difference in what I am achieving on a daily basis. Having an impartial and experienced set of eyes providing advice and guidance is an invaluable asset to my business and I look forward to working with Louise in the future.

Lindsay Robertson Lindsay Robertson Photography

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 15.09.56

Before my session with Louise I wasn't quite sure about what I would gain from a business coaching call. The result far exceeded my expectations. Louise helped me to look at my business with a fresh eye so that I could identify key areas for growth and improvement. She also gave me a unique insight into some of the aspects that were holding me back. I am now a convert! If you are looking to gain clarity and a leading edge in your business I would highly recommend Louise as the go-to person in this field.

Celia Ameida Stress Coach

I just wanted to write a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your masterclass at SWPP. I wouldn't say I was awful at time management, but your tips have really helped me improve!

Peter Crymble 

I wanted to write and say thank you for spending so long last night reviewing my website and business goals with me. I am really pleased with your advice and have already put some of it in to action. I found your approach to my photography business very professional and structured keeping the client at the forefront of my focus. The areas you identified in my business needing further work will indeed be expanded upon and made clearer. I love the way you understood my brand right from the start without me having to spend ages explaining my vision to you, you just got it. Thank you for your help, I will indeed let you know once I have made the changes and I will be recommending your consultancy services to my colleagues.

Sally-Anne Prout Photography By Sally-Anne

Screen shot 2011-01-17 at 21.21.51

I’ve been working with Louise for a couple of months now to improve the marketing of my business. One of the first things that she got me to do was do survey my clients about the service they have received amongst other things. She gave me a template to use which I tweaked to fit my business and sent it out to all of my old clients. While not everyone responded, the feedback I have received has been absolutely invaluable. I’ve received words that I can use as testimonials as well as hints as to how I can improve my business for my clients. I have to admit that I was sceptical of the value of the exercise but it has been worth many times the few pounds it cost to do.

John Cleary John Cleary Photography

I had the privilege to work with Louise Beattie during a strategy call. What stood out for me is that during that call Louise had obviously only one intention in mind and that was to let me get the most out of it. Louise comes up with very creative ideas, she is incredibly supportive and has an interesting mix of something I would call “caring expertise”: she is practical, hands-on, knowledgeable and caring. I came out of the call with a clear strategy and actionable steps to work on immediately. I would definitely recommend Louise to anyone in need of a clear strategy to find clients.

AnYes van Rhijn Life and business reinvention mentor at Success On Your Own Terms - www.anyesvanrhijn.com

Screen shot 2011-01-17 at 23.18.18

A big thank you Louise for your Golden Glove website assessment! Boot strapping my start-up I've built my site and done the copy myself but since I don't have much experience in this I really felt I was out on deep water many times. I knew it was decent and I had good feedback from my audience but it didn't convert well. I know I had to do something but didn't have a clue where and what. Your review of my site was very thorough and the five step analysis you took it through really helped me to understand the key elements of a high-converting authority site. Some of the suggestions you made was easy to implement directly and other things required more work. I highly appreciated that you pointed me to the right resources to help me find solutions that works for me. Your honest and constructive feedback made me much more confident about my site and the conversion has improved! Thank you!

Fredrik Lyhagen www.fredriklyhagen.com

Before my call with Louise I wasn’t sure how she could breakdown a business plan without knowing much about me and my business, but I needn’t have worried. My biggest takeaway was that I need to have a system in place to find my ideal client base and that I can do this using a method that I probably would never have thought of. So if you are unsure of where to start and how to systematically put procedures in place to get you and your business to where you want to be then I would highly recommend that you speak with Louise.

Phill Thomson Fitness Pro

For me the business breakthrough call was a unique opportunity to benefit from Louise’s unique experience, business insight and crucially, an impartial perspective. As a result of our discussion I felt energised to push forward with an agenda that I have been pursuing for a while now. I have known what is needed but my meeting with Louise helped me to clarify my objectives and really focus on priorities. I liked that fact that there was an agenda to the call, even though it was also highly flexible (and I went off tangent a good many times!). I would highly recommend a Business Breakthrough Call with Louise as an all-round business sanity check.

Kathryn Ho Vital Spark

I decided to have a coaching session with Louise because running a start-up business can be quite lonely and it is good to have an independent knowledgeable person to talk to. The session was a great success. Louise gave me lots of food for thought. She helped me with a 60 second pitch I have to say at an interview. Louise transformed it! When I read her suggestion I was so uplifted. This is my business! It made me feel very uplifted, proud and excited after the knockbacks encountered over the past few months. Significant progress has started to happen since my session. I have booked my next session for a few week’s time to keep the positive momentum going.

Carolyn Hogg Garden Hippo

Wendy Hutcheson – “Louise Beattie The only woman who has successfully taken a photograph of me not looking uncomfortable. Can not recommend Louise highly enough.” “Louise thank you so much for today I had the best time ever you made me feel so relaxed! I can't wait to see the results next week – no more Jim Carey face for me x”

Catherine Robertson – I am thrilled with my pictures and hope to enjoy having my box of treasured images when I'm older to look back and think 40 was still pretty young! Louise, you did an excellent job of directing the shoot and helping me select my images. It was a brilliant experience gifted to me by good friends. And one that I am now pleased to share with others – gifting your vouchers for other fabulous at 40 friends!

Ann McLean – I thoroughly enjoyed my photoshoot with Lousie, from the minute I walked in the door with a very warm welcome. I was quite nervous before hand but after chatting briefly with Louise about what we were going to do by the time my hair & makeup were done I felt very relaxed & ready to go. Louise made me feel so at ease as the shoot went on I could feel my confidence growing & my smile getting wider. The whole experience gave me a huge boost & when I received my pictures I was overwhelmed, and I actually felt ‘wow, I look amazing'. I would recommend it to anyone & I am certainly going to book again next year.

Chloe Zarb – I've had two shoots with Louise now and both have been fantastic, professional yet fun and seeing the images after is a joy! Excellent photographer and fantastic memories!

Merry Scott – “Louise recently took some portraits of me and I'm absolutely delighted with them. I don't like having my photo taken and initally felt uncomfortable and nervous about how they would turn out. Louise instantly put me at ease and was professional and friendly throughout the whole shoot. The pictures are amazing and I hardly recognised myself – although it's very much me! I'd love to do it again. Meredith Scott.”

Arlene Anderson – Many thanks for the beautiful photographs you captured. My time in the studio was a special treat after my son's 18th birthday and the whole experience was relaxing and fun. The images far exceeded my expectations and I am very proud to flaunt my portraits. I don't feel so old afterall.

Angie Stewart – The service that you provided was second to none. You treated my daughter with the upmost respect and made her birthday a most memorable one. I would not hesitate to come back to your studio and would highly recommend you as a photographer to everyone. Fantastic first class service. You made both myself and my daughter very welcome. Although i was the parent you considered my daughters thoughts and feelings all the way throughout the shoot. You guided my daughter on the best way to get the most out of the experience so much so that she has told all her friends about your studio. Could not fault the service that i received. Absolutely fantastic

Bharti Rajput Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon last Friday, I felt a million dollars and really enjoyed all the hard work posing!!! I've been telling everyone about it.

Eleanor Whitby – Louise Beattie has been our photographer of choice for many years. Working with us on a number of diverse projects. More recently Louise did a biography shoot for two members of our team at Red Pepper Events. We were delighted with the outcome and would not hesitate to recommend and use Louise time and time again.

Mary Meikle – Louise is a very professional photographer, with an amazing amount of patience . The students had a fantastic experience ,and loved every moment of their time spent with her at our end of term” Expression Session Show” Thanks so much Louise, for all your support . Mary Meikle lecturer at Angus College

Cate Myles – I felt apprehensive about having my photograph taken and over the years have adopted a less than natural smile and approach to being photographed. Louise made me feel comfortable and I was able to relax into the photo shoot. I do intend to return and will definitely recommend the services of Louise.

Louise Gourley – Louise Beattie is THE ONLY photographer I would recommend! And you can see why here. She has done all the photos of Number 95 – Your sanctuary on the green and our wedding pics some of which are on my profile if you'd care to see them. Yet again the corporate pictures you took for Number 95 – Your sanctuary on the green a few years ago are showing us why you're worth every penny!! We have used them on our web site, face book, magazine adverts and articles, banners, slide shows and now they are going into our new app!! To have a cd of these amazing images available for leaflets etc… means my business always looks the best!!! Amazing.