The State of Photography 2018

Last year photographers spent most of their time hustling. Trying to get clients. Networking. Trying to be everywhere on social media. Trying to get clients at a high fee by charging “what they’re worth”.

…while really, it’s slamming the gate to booking more clients AND automated ways of
running their business.

It’s blocking you from your passion. It’s corrupting it.

The Photography “Establishment” Has Turned A Blined Eye To Changes

The seasons have changed.

The terrain is no longer what it used to be.

…so then why are established photographers still trying to box us into outdated ways of doing business?

Strategies that worked 5, 10-years ago.

It has to change.

Sun Tzu in “The Art of War” called it 2 (out of the 5) indispensable matters:

Knowledge and awareness of Heaven and Earth.
Of the seasons and the landscape.

Both have changed.
And both have been ignored.

…and the photographers who once had a sharp eye, have become blind to common sense:

Rigidity will always stifle creativity.

It’s time to try something fresh and new. Something from OUR time. OUR market. Not theirs.

You’ve Lost Clients. Opportunities. Precious Time with Loved Ones.

  • You invested a ton of time.
  • You invested money.
  • To grow business, to get clients.
  • But that time is costing you money/
  • Costing opportunities.
  • Costing precious time with loved ones you can never get back.

Some Photos Are More Important To People Than Their Car …

  • Photography is amazing, it captures priceless memories, stays with people forever.
  • It has the power to transform lives.
  • In many cases it's more important to people than their car.
  • Realise that the old business models don't work.
  • It's no longer enough to copy what worked for others.

But here’s the good news:

  • YOU CAN create your perfect photography business...
  • Built around your dreams and desires...
  • A life of prosperity.

Sound good?

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- Louise