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When You First Dreamed Of Starting A Photography Business...

When You First Dreamed Of Starting Your Photography Business…

When you first dreamed of starting your photography business, how did it look? Lots of time photographing fun clients you enjoyed working with? A bit of time at the computer editing and doing your admin, but not too much? I remember working offshore in the oil industry. I used to work on subsea construction ships and […]

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How To Get More Photography Clients In A Crowded Market Without Competing On Price (Part 2)

Welcome Back to Part 2 of How to get more clients in a crowded market without competing on price. In part 1 we talked about the “price of entry benefit” and how you can create a unique benefit to help you stand out from the crowd. We also talked about the “point of difference benefit” […]

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what does your audeince truly want

What Does Your Audience Truly Want?

Seriously, do you truly know what they want? Or are you just assuming because of what every other photographer sells? Or maybe, because you have your reasons, you dictate to your prospects what they will buy? Think about it, you are going to spend anything from £100 or $100 upwards, sometimes way upwards, and you […]

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are you relying on luck to get clients in your photography business

Are You Relying On Luck To Get Clients In Your Photography Business?

Stop relying on luck to get clients in your photography business and use this 7 step strategy to get more clients and ensure that your time and energy is focused in the best way possible.

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