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When You First Dreamed Of Starting A Photography Business...

When You First Dreamed Of Starting Your Photography Business…

When you first dreamed of starting your photography business, how did it look? Lots of time photographing fun clients you enjoyed working with? A bit of time at the computer editing and doing your admin, but not too much? I remember working offshore in the oil industry. I used to work on subsea construction ships and […]

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what does your audeince truly want

What Does Your Audience Truly Want?

Seriously, do you truly know what they want? Or are you just assuming because of what every other photographer sells? Or maybe, because you have your reasons, you dictate to your prospects what they will buy? Think about it, you are going to spend anything from £100 or $100 upwards, sometimes way upwards, and you […]

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why do you do what you do - your reason why

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Knowing your reason why will not only help you achieve more in your business, it will help you attract more perfect clients who love working with you. Let me show you how in this article.

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what is your core promise

What Do You Do?

How to craft your Core Promise – a simple formula to help you tell people what you do in a compelling way that sets you apart from all of your competitors.

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How To Research Your Ideal Client

Once you understand the importance of knowing your ideal client, you need to know how to research your ideal client. This can seem quite daunting at first, but in truth it need not be. There are quite a few ways that you can carry out this research. The best for you depends on what stage you are at […]

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Three Steps To Creating Your Ideal Client

Having a clear understanding of who your Perfect Client is allows you to stop spending time and money advertising to the wrong audience. Instead, you can focus on creating content and copy that really connect with your ideal customer. The most successful photographers create a connection with customers by showing that they are relatable. Research shows […]

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Do You Know Your Ideal Client? Should You Even Bother?

One of the main reasons these businesses fail is they don’t know who their ideal client is. Discover why this is so crucial to your business and why you shouldn’t make that same mistake.

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Make Your Photography Mean The World To Your Prospects

Make Your Photography Mean The World To Your Prospects

Marketing is the process of making your photography mean the world to prospects who might not feel that passionate about it. I explain how in this quick article.

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Four Reasons Marketing Isn't Working For Your Photography Business

Four Reasons Marketing Isn’t Working For Your Photography Business

  If I had a pound or dollar for every photographer that told me that their marketing isn’t working and that you can’t be successful in today’s ultra competitive photography market, I would be living in a fabulous mansion. We know that good marketing works, and that you CAN be successful as a photographer. Yet […]

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Avoid This simple mistake that damages profits in your photography business

How To Avoid The Simple Mistake That Damages Profits In Your Photography Business

Avoiding this easy mistake can be the difference between broke and profitable in your photography business. Let me show you how to avoid it with one simple question.

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