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Darren George of Darlington Jones Imagery, with his review of working with Louise

"So hands-on and in-depth - the value is simply immense!!!"

"Before I started working with Louise I didn't feel I had any direction in my business. I had the basic website, facebook page / social media accounts and was posting to them but not really knowing what I was doing with them. 

This program has been a breath of fresh air in terms of learning the building blocks to create a website and social media presence that will work FOR me and bring in clients.

This program is absolutely worthwhile. I have so much more clarity over what I am trying to do, the words I need to use and who my client is which will form the basis of everything I do in the future.

It's divided into bite-sized modules which run for two weeks focusing on a specific task or theme which is ideal if you are working full time or trying to run your business alongside the program

The absolute best thing for me about the program is the interaction with Louise, from the weekly worksheets and tasks which she gives direct feedback on, to being able to go back and forth with ideas, to having the opportunity to ask questions on each module and receive a personalised video message with Louise's answers.

That's not even mentioning the included coaching calls and website review.

So hands-on and in-depth - the value is simply immense!!!

Louise's help and encouragement have made a vast difference to me - this is not just a distance learning course, it really is a personal coaching and consulting service.

There is so much value to the program I can't even single out the most useful things I've learned - from simple techniques to managing our weekly tasks to doing in-depth analysis and research on your market. 

It is ALL worthwhile. I haven't done a single exercise where I've thought "I don't get the point of this". 


If you want to progress your business and make a real difference to your life and photography business, you need this program.

It's not all easy, it's not something you can pick at - you need to be dedicated to working through the modules - but if you put in the effort it is so worthwhile and will change your business and your life."

- Sandie Powner (Photographer)

(The Client Focus Method to Consistently Attract More Photography Clients)

ira giorgetti commercial and advertising photographer london

"For the first time in a long while I feel like my business is on its way to success again"

"Before I started the Client Focus Method I was down in the dumps, feeling doubtful of my worth and sorry for myself about not finding enough work.

Working through the course gave me a positive outlook on my business and a burning desire to improve myself and do the necessary steps to get my brand where it needed to be, not to mention a stronger sense of emotional resilience and the inspiration to do things that others are scared to try.

Louise is a kind, supportive, and genuinely helpful and motivating coach.

She won't give you any bull, she'll constructively critique your progress without judgement, and best of all she'll offer up guidance on things outside the main course without batting an eyelid.

For the first time in a long while I feel like my business is on its way to success again, and I have Louise to thank for that. 

I wish I met her years ago, I think I'd be much further along in my craft had I started working with her then!"

- Ira Giorgetti (Commercial & Advertising Photographer, London)

(The Client Focus Method to Consistently Attract More Photography Clients)

Shantha Delauney Paris Engagement photographer

"Her feedback on my website is so valuable. I needed that."

"Working with Louise was wonderful. She cared. She gave me time and encouragement when I needed it. She gave me lots of clarity and direction when I didn't know how to approach a certain aspect of the course. 

She certainly changed my perspective on many things, especially from the negatives into positives. She taught me how to view things differently. 

Louise is super responsive and sensitive to my needs. I loved working with her. I was apprehensive in enrolling in a course as the last one I took was a blanket course which did not much for me even though I followed through the work.

This course is letting me see light at the end of the tunnel, efforts are not hopeless. Clear directions and guidelines. 

You do need to work at it and once you get it, you can apply it to 10 of your different business. A great skill to acquire. 

The best part of working with Louise was the video calls and the website review from her. Chatting with Louise on the video call was assuring. Her feedback on my website is so valuable. I needed that.

Louise is clear in her communication, she is approachable. She is an excellent coach to have.

She does not spoon feed you as there is no value in that but does hold your hand and follow your progress closely. Gives you a nudge in the right direction where necessary.

I would highly recommend Louise to anyone who needs a coach or a coaching course. Trust me, she's someone you'd love to hug and say more than a million of thank yous to."

- Shantha Delaunay (Photographer, Paris)

(The Client Focus Method to Consistently Attract More Photography Clients)

"The more I see and learn with Louise the more I wonder what did I spend 8.4k on elsewhere over 2 years and get very little in comparison..."

"I was a little apprehensive before working with Louise and the cost was a stumbling block - I have spent a serious amount of money with other training that didn’t work which has meant a serious lack of funds, but after one phone call and a few emails along with the Facebook page I was really excited to get started. I found that my apprehension was unnecessary, and that I am able to start and complete something I never thought I would do – the client avatar has been a pain in my side for quite some time now. There is a marketer in me and you are really helping to bring it out.

A serious amount of knowledge has been passed on, but not just in words on a sheet paper. Proper methodical and put into practise training all backed up with video’s to give further guidance. The program doesn’t chase any quick shortcut fixes, its building for the future.

Louise has gone above expectations on numerous times and really does care about the people she works with. I really wished she’d have been around 5 years ago when I signed up elsewhere - the more I see and learn with Louise the more I wonder what did I spend 8.4k on elsewhere over 2 years and get very little in comparison... 

The best parts about working with Louise are her understanding, patience, knowledge and never assuming I know everything that I need to do

I also find that having Louise on hand via the coaching portal is a big benefit. It enables everything to be in one place rather than mixed up in an email address with everything else.  

The other big benefit is Louise herself! She is supportive and understanding, both of which I really like. The knowledge she has and shares is amazing, but she doesn’t cram it all down my throat at once which is perfect. She promises to get back to me within 48hrs and more often than not it’s well before this. Again, this is really important; it builds trust.

To anyone considering working with Louise I say "Do it!" You won’t find a better photography business coach. The systems and modules are designed brilliantly so that you are guided through them without getting confused. 

Finally, I would like to add a message to anyone considering Louise to help their business. Louise was a big help from the very beginning in helping me understand what I needed to help me as my business had been on a decline for a couple of years. She has an ability to bring into focus what needs to be achieved and portray it in a simple and effective manner. What I have achieved in 1 month is so much knowledge working on just one part of my business that I will have no issues in applying these techniques to my other niches and more should I bring anything else in. I am looking forward to continued work with Louise to develop my business into a something my children will be really proud of. I have no hesitation in not just recommending Louise, but telling you she is the one to help take your business to the next level.

- Paul Swift (Photographer)

"You know your stuff! You can really laser in on what each business needs."

"I felt like I had been stuck in the same place for a very long time, so I was frustrated and stuck. I have a pattern of changing things endlessly - a form of self-sabotage! I found that by working with you I became unstuck and worked through a huge part of the to do list for the year. 

I specifically liked that I could ask you anything and you were a fantastic sounding board and kept me on track. I found that the program is individual, tailored help, which is super valuable. You know your stuff! You can really laser in on what each business needs. I am so grateful for the help you have given me to get to where I am now, thank you. "

- Katie Spicer (Photographer)

"It shows my money was well spent..."

"Thanks for checking in - I genuinely appreciate it. I’ve bought into marketing programs before and they offer support but often it’s simply a FB group and the students help each other out. TBH, I hovered over the “buy now’ button on your programme for a while because it was slightly more expensive and of course, a risk, but I can see you absolutely want people to succeed and you do what you can personally to help, and that’s fantastic. It shows my money was well spent."

- Mike Rickard (Photographer)

The Program Doesn’t Chase Any Quick Shortcut Fixes, It’s Building For The Future

A serious amount of knowledge has been passed on in proper and methodical trainings. The program doesn’t chase any quick shortcut fixes, its building for the future. You have gone above expectations on numerous times and really do care about the people you work with. I really wish I’d known about you 3 years ago when I signed up elsewhere. The more I see and learn with you the more I wonder what did I spend 8.4k on over 2 years and get very little in comparison.

Paul Swift

Ability To See The Big Picture And Convey It In A Simple, Effective Way

Louise was a huge help in bringing focus the Why (vs. the What) of my photography. Her ability to see the big picture and convey it in a simple, effective way made it easy for me to instantly apply her input into improving my marketing / promotional materials. Louise is also such a pleasure to interact with while being generous with her time, energy, experience, and input. I could feel how much she enjoys photography and what a reward it is for her to be of service to both the craft and to the people like her who are drawn to it. I definitely recommend Louise to anyone looking to take things to the next level.

Robert Bengtson

Having Worked Through The First Few Modules Of Your Program The Floodgates Are Open

Very pleased at how things are going your secret sauce is starting to rub off. Been struggling for ages on how to specialise in everything we do but I think we’ve cracked that to. Am currently in middle of building content for long over-due website replacement and been suffering from ‘writers block’ for sometime, but having worked through the first few modules of your program the floodgates are open.

Doug Brown

This Is The First Truly Comprehensive Guide I’ve Seen On Actually Doing So

I finished the client avatar, which was a fascinating process. People constantly say to create an avatar, but this is the first truly comprehensive guide I’ve seen on actually doing so. Thank you for that. It was difficult l, but enlightening. I know it will be a huge help.

Kim Forman

I Honestly Think This Is Top Quality and Will Be Much More Helpful Than Much Of What Is Out There!

I meant it when I said the materials are great. I have done a LOT of education, much of it from ‘big names’ and I honestly think this is truly top quality and will be much more helpful than much of what is out there!

Jen Moore

This Is Amazing. It’s Still Sinking In…

This is amazing. It is still sinking in – I try to memorise the steps and each day I write it down from memory. I want to memorise all the information and guidelines and implement it and deliver it to my customers.

George Novak

The Business Training Courses I’ve Gotten Have Never Ever Taught Me This

Live I’ve mentioned before I wish I found this course about 4 years ago. The business training courses I’ve gotten have never ever taught me this.

Darren George

I Wish I Had Bought This Before Starting My Photography Business

Thank you Louise, your frameworks kept me thinking I wish I had bought this before starting my photography business.

Malvern Chisvo

I Have Really Had An Increase In Bookings

I do know that since I have started this program, I have really had an increase in bookings. They know what to expect from my work. Thank you again.

Pam Clapp

No Flannel, No Hyperbole, No Gushing

I can’t recommend this program highly enough. Oh, and I also love the fact there’s no flannel, no hyperbole, no gushing. Just friendly, encouraging, logical, matter-of-factness (is that a word?) which explains everything you need to know.

Donna Green

Has The Ability To Cut To The Heart Of The Matter & See What Each Different Business Needs To Make It Successful. My Business Has Moved Forward With More Traction & Focus In The Last 6 Months Than In The 2 Years Previously

Louise is a phenomenal mentor, the knowledge and focus she has brought not only to my business, but to the way I see my business is brilliant. I have never come across anyone who gives knowledge so freely and comprehensively. She has an ability to cut to the heart of the matter and see what each different business needs to make it successful. My business has moved forward with more traction and focus in the last 6 months than in the 2 years previously. I highly recommend working with Louise; even one phone call will make a difference to moving your business forward. She is very knowledgable, helpful and inspiring.

Hemma Mason

Before I Worked With Louise I Felt Very Rudderless Switching Tactics Constantly With No Real Idea Of What I Wanted Or Where I Wanted To End Up”

Before I worked with Louise I felt very rudderless switching tactics constantly with no real idea of what I wanted or where I wanted to end up. Just knew I wanted new clients! Working with Louise keeps me focussed and on task – I am very easily distracted. I really like this style of working with someone as it is like having your own marketing mentor on hand. Louise always responds promptly and with great advice/recommendations and next steps, keeping me on the right path when need be. Louise has definitely helped me to get more focused and strategic and Iwould highly recommend working with Louise if you are needing business or marketing help – and who doesn’t?

Gerri Campbell

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