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Focus On What You Can Control

What do you focus on in your business?

The things that you have control over or the things that you have no control over?

When setting goals, it’s far better to set goals based on actions that lead to the results you want rather than the results themselves.

Often the results we want are dependent on other people’s actions.

You can control your actions however you can’t control the actions of others.


Want more leads for your photography business? Focus on doing the actions that bring more leads, not the number of leads.

Want more client bookings? Focus on doing the actions that convert the bookings, not the bookings themselves.

Want more profit? Focus on actions that increase profits, not wanting the profit.


Do the work and the results will come.



About the Author Louise Beattie

Louise Beattie is founder of the Prosperous Photographer. When she isn’t helping photographers fill their diary with clients by transforming their website from a pretty "brochure" to a hard working lead and client generating machine, Louise loves time playing with her dogs, MotoGP and watching The West Wing (again). She also likes to geek out about business and marketing.

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