Focus – Action – Results Old Program

This can be the moment you decide to turn things around and achieve your dreams.

Or you can carry on your own sweet way, doing what you've been doing all year and getting the same results you've been getting all your.

The choice is all yours, YOU have the ability to control your destiny.

No-one else does.

So if what you have been doing hasn't been getting the results you want…

What are YOU going to change?

What are you going to DO DIFFERENTLY over the coming months so that you set yourself up for an amazing 2018? 

Because I promise you now, if you don't change what you are doing, if you don't do things differently, it's going to be another year when you don't live up to your potential, when you don't fulfil your dreams of living a creative and fulfilling life secure in the knowledge that your photography business more than supports you, your family and the lifestyle you dream of.

Regardless of whether you're in the early stages of a prosperous photography business generating under 100k, or a thriving photographer generating over 100K.

I created FOCUS – ACTION – RESULTS Program where you get to work directly with me on your business and massively improve your results, taking your business to the next step on the Prosperous Photographer Roadmap…

This is for photographers who want to make real progress, focusing only on the actions that get the results so that you can cut through the crap and overwhelm and make real progress towards your photography business goals and ambitions. 

What do you get?


You get UNLIMITED 15-minute coaching calls on business and marketing for 12 months.
Yep, you can schedule a call as often as you like for 12 months. 
Why 15 minutes long? Because the object is to keep you focused on what you need to be doing and taking action and getting results.
And we don't need to spend an hour on Skype to do that. 
You need to be taking action in your business.

Who is this for?

Photographers who already have a photography business and are either frustrated with progress or want to achieve the levels of success that they know are possible.
Here are just a few reasons to jump on this:
  • You’ve got a good solid business that's plateaued and want to scale and increase profits without getting overwhelmed or working yourself into the ground
  • You want more clients who value what you do
  • You want to increase your average sale value
  • You’re unhappy with the profit you are making
  • There isn’t enough money in the business to give you a good lifestyle
  • You are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with everything there is to do and don’t know what to focus on
  • You’re struggling in a crowded market of cheap photographers
  • You want to be a better business owner
  • You don’t know where to start when it comes to marketing your photography business
Here’s what Donna Green said about working 1-2-1 with me:
“The progress I’ve made in 3 months has staggered me. I couldn’t have done this on my own, or anything like it, and it’s been the best money I’ve spent in years.”
Seriously, stop trying to do this all on your own.

So how does it work?

We start off with a Set The Stage Call:

  • We look at what niche you're focusing on
  • Your biggest challenge
  • What keeps you up at night
  • The results you want but don't have yet
  • The results you have but don't want
  • Your next actions.
Then, as often as you like, you can schedule a call, we'll work on what you're stuck on I'll give you action steps and links to resources where appropriate.

Then every 90 days we'll have a 30 minute State Of The Business call to:

  • Review your progress
  • Dig into any sticking points you have
  • Set the plan for the next 90 days
  • Next actions. 
After each call, I'll send you a recording of the call and the resources you need where appropriate. It might be a checklist, a link to a training, a template or framework etc.
Do not underestimate the power of 15 minutes.
In addition, you can take advantage of the coaching portal I use with my 1-2-1 clients for weekly accountability and key metric tracking, as well as your membership of the Prosperous Photographer Academy and the Prosperous Photographer Blueprint.
There are limited places available for £3000, that’s just £250 a month for unlimited calls, membership of the Prosperous Photographer Academy and the Prosperous Photographer Blueprint lifetime access including all updates.
Please note, I'm in the UK and calls will be available during UK working day.

Right now, you can make a small investment that repays itself many times over and has the power to give you a profitable photography business that you love.

Here are just a few of the reasons why people have chosen to work with me and why you might want to work with me:

“I'm really looking forward to this! I feel like such a weight has been lifted! I realise I have kind of got stuck and I can't really do this on my own. So it is a massive relief to know that you will be helping me for the next three months!”

“I have received staggering value from all the advice and support I've had from you and the others in the Academy. However, I'd very much like to take this to a higher level now and believe I'd benefit hugely from the extra support and structure the 90-day programme would give. I feel I don't have the time to waste in…. Well, not winging it, exactly but I know a more systemised, focused approach would help me a LOT and would make a massive difference.”

“I feel like I've achieved the goals I've set myself for the first half of this year…. but I still have a to do list as long as my arm and am not quite sure how to prioritise everything and make the best use of my time going forward.”

“I don't have many leads. Some months I'll only have one or two wedding inquiries and four or five boudoir/portrait inquiries. Of those, some are completely unqualified and some just ghost out after the first or second contact.”

Time to take my business much more seriously on the business end of things.”

To be able to build my business into a profitable business and have a steady income doing something I love to do.

“Overwhelm – I spend so much time on my business, but I don't feel like I have good systems for getting clients.”

“Want to make booking clients easier”

“Want more clients and to make more money”

“Information overload and other courses where “teacher” did not follow-through”

“Price – if I lower my price I can fill my diary however with a growing portfolio I want to attract fewer more profitable clients”

“I think the biggest challenge is getting a plan together. Crafting the message so it's more on-point. Currently, I use a variety of different means, most of it with a relatively low success level, which means I spend an awful lot of time to get each new client. The primary challenge I currently face is too low a level of turnover, which means I can't invest enough in the studio.”

“I wanted a better understanding of how to run a successful photography business that has longevity and not feel overwhelmed that I have to book every single session.”

To grow my business beyond the potential I see.”

“I am working to build my weddings and boudoir photography.  I have been struggling to find clients that value photography.”

“I would like to double our bookings and sales in 2017.”


What's your reason for working with me?

If you ARE serious about creating the photography business of your dreams, of taking away the overwhelm and struggle of trying to succeed then this really is an incredible value and will probably be one of the best investments you make…

There are a few caveats:

  • you've got to either have a photography business or be in the process of actually launching it.
  • You've got to be a good photographer – it doesn't matter how good your business savvy and marketing are, you can't polish a turd if you want to create a sustainable photography business.
  • you've got to be coachable. I'm not going to waste my time and energy trying to help you if you are not going to help yourself or you are just going to carry on as you were.
  • you've got to be prepared to put in the work. No effort, no results. It's as simple as that. I want to work with photographers who are going to take action and get results.

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Want to know the kind of results my clients get?

One of my wedding clients went from 18 weddings a year to zero bookings in 12 months after spending £8,000+ with a photography business training company and following their advice. He started working with me and has booked 37 weddings since March, that's 37 weddings in just over 9 months…

Or the portrait photographer who has increased their portrait bookings by 50% this year along with increasing their average sale value and profit per shoot.

Or the photographer who is just starting out from zero and went from having just one shoot booked to wondering how they are going to fit in all their shoots alongside their job (we can fix that good to have problem too). 

But you don't have to take my word for it, you can see what photographers just like you have to say about working with me by clicking this link.

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