For Photographers Who Want To Consistently Attract More High Quality Clients in 2019

The Consistently Attract More Photography Clients 90-Day Sprint is a coaching program where we work together closely over 90-Days to transform your photography business so that 2019 is the year that you finally make that breakthrough, get off the hamster wheel and finally create the photography business that you’ve been dreaming of.

The one that gives you the income to make choices in your life, to give you the independence and freedom that you’ve been craving.

Don’t worry, we’ll take some time off over the Festive Season (I’ve got family and a life too!)

Who is this for and what can YOU expect?

If you already have an established photography business, but you want a more consistent flow of great clients, to position yourself as THE MUST BOOK PHOTOGRAPHER (the one where people say “see if you can book…”)

.... and to increase your prices and therefore profit whilst getting your life back then this is for you.

And because I’ll be working directly with you 1-2-1, coaching you, guiding you I can give you advice and suggestions, based on your business and your goals, this will give you an instant return. 

Like Jason, who just a few weeks in saw such a big increase in bookings just from implementing a couple of the ideas I gave him during one of our calls that we put the training aspect of the program on pause whilst he dealt with all his new clients.  

If you are just starting out in your photography career, we’re going to put in place strong foundations and the building blocks for a business that will go from strength to strength. And because we are working together, 1-2-1, your foundations will be built around you and your vision for your photography business. 

Will you get instant results and a flood of clients from day one? Not likely, you’ve got a lot of work to do, but I promise you that if you do the work with me, implement 100% of what I guide you through, then you will rapidly accelerate the growth of your photography business and this time next year you will be astounded at just how far you have come.

What exactly will I get?

  • 90 Days of 1-2-1 Coaching to help you implement all that you will discover and to establish the powerful habits and mindset of a successful and profitable photography business owner.

  • 8 Powerful Training Modules that guide you through The Client Focus Method for creating a website that attracts a flood of clients eager to book you.

By the end of the program you will:

  • Be able to identify and understand your Perfect Client and target market on a deep and emotional level
  • Create a message that resonates with and motivates your target market
  • Position yourself as THE MUST-BOOK PHOTOGRAPHER in your market so that clients are happy to pay what you are worth
  • Create a brand that is virtually unbeatable and that your clients love
  • Have a website that not only looks great, it consistently and constantly attracts new visitors and converts them into high-quality leads and enquiries 24/7
  • Nurture your audience into raving fans and clients
  • Become highly visible so that you are seen everywhere that your prospects are

Bonus 6 Months Focus-Action-Results Membership (Value £590)

We will ensure you keep on track, growing your photography business and booking more high-quality clients alongside an intimate group of like-minded photographers.

Your Focus-Action-Results Membership includes:

  • Your Business GPS to give you total clarity on what to do each day to grow your business and achieve your goals
  • The 5 Essential Focus Points to keep you on track, simplifying your business whilst bringing you the results you desire
  • The A.I.M. System (Accountability, Inspiration & Motivation) to keep you focused and taking action that makes a difference in your business
  • Focused training and action plans designed to help you book more clients and earn more profit (this month it’s organic social media strategy for 2019)
  • Discover what's working right now for other photographers like you with our weekly updates and checkins.

If you’re ready to make an incredible difference to your photography business in 2019 then choose your option below.