Welcome to The Client Focus Method

Here's what happens next:


Check Your Email Inbox

Go to the inbox of the email address you just used to sign up.


Open the Confirmation Email

Find the email sent by us. It has the subject line “Welcome to the Client Focus Method” and is sent from “Louise, Prosperous Photographer” and includes access to the foundation trainings to get you started right away.


Click the Confirmation Link

I will manually set you up in the Prosperous Photographer Training Portal (usually within 24-48 hours)

Once I have done that I will send you your access link and we can get started. The training modules are delivered each week on a Monday.

Ready for the fun?

I'm really looking forward to be sharing the Client Focus Method with you over the next 90 days to create a website that attracts a flood of clients eager to book. 

Please follow the steps to the left and we'll get you started as soon as possible.

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