Do You Want To Consistently Attract More Photography Clients...

Who Are Eager To Book You And Don't Question Your Fees?

What if your website worked for you 24/7 attracting a flood of high-quality clients eager to book you?... 

How much more money do you think your photography business would make for you?

If you’re frustrated with… held back by… or struggling to attract high quality clients who value your photography and don’t question your fees, this is going to change everything for you.

Because I’m going to show you a simple, effective way to turn your website into an effective and hard working tool that consistently attracts a steady flow of clients who want your photography and are eager to pay for it.

So that your passion for photography makes enough money to not only pay your bills and support your family, but also creates a business that you are proud of…

This way…

You see more enquiries, get more customers and bank more money… without any of the frustration, overwhelm and despair of being in a crowded market full of cheap photographers competing on price.

You will be able to escape the race to the bottom and stand out as the must-book photographer in your genre.

So you can give your photography career a jump start and focus more on doing what you love. And make all of the overwhelm and frustration a thing of the past.

If you feel a bit lost, work hard, but struggle to generate the business and income you know you can...

You want to create a business that allows you to give up the day job so that you can spend more than 20 minutes with the children in the evening because you've got images to edit, a wedding and a portrait shoot on the weekend but not enough income to provide for your family through photography...

Or you want to be able to provide a good lifestyle for your family instead of scraping by and feeling sick in the stomach because that’s another day without any enquiries and you don’t know how much longer you can keep this up without having to find a job...

Then, maybe it's crunch time…

Because this is your chance to get your client attraction systems in place, ramped up and firing on all cylinders.

And that’s important. Because when you do…

  • Your photography business will reach more prospects and convert more bookings WITHOUT you working longer and harder…
  • You’ll be able to grow and scale your photography business and revenue, more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible…
  • You’ll feel the confidence and security of being fully in control of your business and your life…
  • You’ll have more time, more freedom, more money and more fun!

“Don’t” and “Marketing” Are The Two Words That Are Standing In The Way Of The Photography Business You Desire 

If the marketing side of your business is already holding you back, what do you think is going to happen to your photography business in the coming months and years?

  • I don’t have the time to learn and implement all the marketing techniques out there…”
  • I don’t know the right ‘first steps” I need to get started with my marketing so that I attract the right kind of clients…”
  • “I don’t know who to trust or listen to about marketing my business - everyone has a different opinion…”
  • “I don’t know how to define a clear marketing strategy so that I can get my name out there…”
  • “I don’t know how to get more clients as no amount of marketing has worked…”
  • “I don’t know how to reach the right clients that value my photography with my marketing so that my business actually pays for itself and supports me and my family…”
  • I don’t know what to do that works best because there are too many options  and feel like I’m running around in circles when it comes to my marketing…”

“Don’t” and “Marketing” will never stop you again.

  • Whether you are a total newbie, just getting started in business (with no clue where to begin) in search of a step-by-step blueprint to get you going...
  • Or you've got the basics in place and are struggling to get that momentum and get a predictable flow of clients...
  • Or you have an established photography business, but no matter what you try, you just can't get your business consistently filled with quality, fun to work with clients AND enjoy a good work life balance.

Instead you'll...

  • Understand exactly what you need to attract a consistent flow of clients no matter how crowded the market.
  • Plan and implement with confidence simple yet powerful and tested client attraction systems that work for you 24/7.
  • Win the never ending battle of keeping ahead of the cheap photographers and weekend warriors. So you will never have to worry about competing on price again. 
  • check
    And finally have the peace of mind that you don't ever have to face yet another week with no clients, no revenue and no bookings on the horizon.

Why Most Photographers Will Fail In Business

I’ve been working with photographers and small business owners for quite some time now, helping them book more clients, grow their businesses and increase their profits so that they can create the business and lifestyle of their dreams.

And I keep coming across photographers who have spent a small fortune on courses and training to help them grow their business who are frustrated and broke because they didn’t get the results that they were looking for

There is a proliferation of cookie cutter courses there trying to teach photographers to fit square pegs into a round hole.

"Copy this it worked for me."

Great if you have the exact same circumstances and resources, yet that is rarely the case.

I can’t imagine how many clients you’ve already missed out on impacting with your photography…

… How much money has escaped you because YOU were not seen as the trusted “must-book” photographer in your market.

The sad fact is most photographers will always struggle to succeed…

Before you get mad at that “pessimistic” line… keep reading… it will make sense in just a second.

Here’s why…

“Learn from those who have achieved what you want to achieve”

You’ve probably heard that about 1000 times.

Back when I had my photography business, before I had any success, it was one of the things that I had heard and couldn’t get out of my mind.

It makes sense…

If you want to be successful at something the best people to learn from are those who have had success at that very same thing. Copy them.

It should be easy to achieve success this way.


It made sense to me.

Learn from someone who has achieved what you want to achieve.

Copy what they did and implement it.

And that’s why I invested in tons of courses on how to grow and market a photography business.

I spent a ton of money and worked my butt off.

And what did I get in return?

More stressed, more tired, more overwhelmed, more frustrated and more broke.

This was crazy. 

I was implementing what I had been taught, I wasn’t just consuming.

I couldn’t work out where I was going wrong.

And then one day the penny dropped.

I was being taught what to do, but not how to apply it in my business, my market. 

So I couldn’t get things to work and I would end up trying to build my business by jumping from tactic to tactic without a strategy based around my business, my goals and my resources.

I felt like I was running in too many directions at once. Buying more courses, seeking more solutions and never getting anywhere fast.

I finally got myself some proper business training.

I looked to outside of the photography world and all of the Rockstar Photographers telling you to Spray and Pray or showing you these dream lifestyles where they lived this perfect life and were best buddies with their clients, and telling you to just copy them and you could have the same dream too.

I discovered that I was missing essential core business foundations. And when I realised, it was so obvious, I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t being taught to photographers. 

It still rarely is and it’s so wrong.

I mean this is business 101, whether you are a photographer, a designer, in e-commerce, a chiropractor, a bricks and mortar store... business is business…

Are You Making These Same Mistakes Too?

  • I thought that my images, my photography, should be enough to get clients beating a path to my door. I was so wrong.
  • I believed that people were buying my photography, a photographer. I didn’t understand that people weren’t buying my photos as such, but what my photos enabled for them, helped them achieve or feel.
  • I was clueless as to how to connect with those that I loved to photograph, who valued what I did and didn’t question my fees. I thought that putting my best images on my website would be enough. I had no idea how to make my website so that the right clients, those who didn’t just want cheap, would instantly think that I was the right photographer for them.
  • I didn’t know how to stand out in a crowded market so I ended up being compared on price, like apples with apples instead of apples to oranges.
  •  I didn’t have a method or system in place to bring in leads and nurture them into clients, whilst filtering out those who weren’t a good fit. I was getting visitors to my website, great comments about my photography on social media, but nowhere near enough bookings. I didn’t have a way of turning those visitors into leads and guiding them to becoming clients with more ease

It seems so obvious now, and once you know how to do this, it’s so much easier to consistently attract a steady flow of great clients who value your photography… week in, week out… on autopilot.

...What I should have been doing was focusing on the fundamentals of business and marketing… 

Without the Core F​undamentals

Laying the Right Foundations...

Your Business is DEAD in the Water!

Implementing the core fundamentals and laying the right foundations is the key to every successful business.

And yet for many, it's also become the single biggest barrier to creating and growing a successful photography business.

Maybe you've experienced some of that frustration...

Only a few years ago all you needed was a website to display your photos and you would have a flood of clients beating a path to your door. 

Today the demands of marketing a business have literally exploded.

Just knowing what you need to do is a big enough hurdle.

But the problem doesn't stop there.

To be really successful as a professional photographer today you need to:

Identify and understand your Perfect Client and target market on a deep and emotional level. This fundamental step is ignored by many businesses or at best done in a half-hearted manner. This is a huge mistake as everything else is built upon this core foundation.

Create a message that resonates with and motivates your target market, so that you instantly resonate with them and they feel like you can read their minds. 

Position yourself as THE MUST-BOOK PHOTOGRAPHER in your market so that clients are happy to pay what you are worth and more as well as making it impossible to compare you with the mass of cheap photographers out there. You want people to say "See if you can book..." when talking about you. 

Create a brand that is virtually unbeatable and that your clients love. Your brand is so much more than a logo, a set of fonts and colours - it becomes a short cut for everything that your brand represents.

Develop a website that not only looks great, it consistently and constantly attracts new visitors and converts them into high quality leads 24/7. Leads that are eager to book you and value your photography.

Nurture that audience into raving fans and clients – without hard-selling or high-pressure tactics using a simple system that guides them into becoming clients who love all that you do, whilst filtering out all of the time wasters and price shoppers on autopilot. 

Become highly visible so that you are seen everywhere that your prospects are, attracting a consistent and steady flow of visitors to your website to nurture into clients you love.

Finding the right methods to implement for all of these needs can make your head explode because...

It Causes You Instant Paralysis...

The one thing that most struggling professional photographers have in common? They're caught and stifled in a fiendish maze of marketing and business.

That's why you constantly feel confused, frustrated and overwhelmed.

That's why you're stuck, never making any progress.

That's why you waste so much time looking for answers you can never seem to find.

That's why even thinking about marketing gives you a headache.

Because you're forced to deal with things you don't enjoy or understand (but can't succeed without).

You're trapped trying to do the tasks you never signed up for when you started your photography business.

If you've ever felt any of that, believe me, you're not alone!

Successful marketing is such a huge challenge and time suck to many photographers that it can kill a business before it ever gets off the ground.

But the good news is you can now solve the marketing riddle and get the client attraction system you need in place without the overwhelm and frustration...

The 80/20 Action Vs Consumption Rule

"You should be taking action 4-5x more than you are consuming. That is... less courses, less workshops, less Creative Live and more doing."

Every successful photographer and business owner that I admire pays tribute to the mentor that coached them, kept them focused on taking action and believed they could succeed. Yet so many people in the photography world are either “too busy” or secretly feel threatened to help mentor other photographers.

It’s one thing to understand the content from a book or online course, but actually applying it to your business and circumstances is a very different thing. It's the applying, the doing that is key.

That’s if you actually complete the course or read the book in the first place.

According to Udemy, the "dropout" rate (the percentage of people who don't finish a purchased course) is something like 97-98%.

That’s staggering.

However, what really interested me was that Seth Godin received a special award because he achieved an 80% dropout. The best stats of any author on Udemy.

That’s crazy! I mean this is Seth Godin we’re talking about.

Meaning that the best completion rate in the business is around 20%.

So if you take it a step further, of those that did finish the training (or at least mark every lesson as complete) how many do you think actually went out and applied what they learned?

It’s crazy, I don’t want to sell information, I want to transform people’s lives and businesses, to make a difference.

And to do that I need to help people take action, to do.

Not deluge them with content.

It's like taking a gallon pitcher of water and pouring it into an empty 10oz glass. You keep pouring when that glass is full and overflowing and all you are going to end up with is an 10oz glass of water and a wet floor.

You can take all the content & information you want but without the capacity to hold that information, to act upon it then it is worthless.

Most people don’t need yet more information. They are already drowning in content and information. They’ve got so much they don’t know what to do with it

I’ve lost count of the number of courses I’ve bought with good intention and not even started yet. I dread to think how much money that has cost me. And it wouldn’t surprise me if you were to tell me that it was similar for you too.

What most people really need is help implementing the things that

will make the biggest difference, give the greatest return. 

Help to take that knowledge and put it into action without getting distracted by the next bright shiny object.

Someone who will help them apply the knowledge they have gained and implement it. 

Keep them focused and accountable.

Collaborate and brainstorm with them.

That's why I developed the...

The Client Focus Method

For Creating A Website That Attracts A Flood Of Clients Eager To Book You

This isn’t just another online course that’s going to overwhelm you with information or a membership that’s going to throw content at you like it’s going out of fashion. 

It’s a collaboration based around taking action.

A combination of Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring, and Training where I am actively hands on and engaging, opening your mind and encouraging you as we transform your marketing, your website and your photography business together over 90 days.

I’m not going to show you how to get a bunch of information that you never act upon or only half implement.  

I’m going to walk you through this, guiding you and holding you accountable, giving you action steps, making sure that you don’t fall by the wayside and helping you when you feel a little stuck…

At the end of our 90 days together you will have a website that attracts a consistent flow of leads & enquiries AND a system that nurtures them into clients eager to book yousaving you hours a week of hustle and grind.

Plus you will know the best method for YOU and YOUR business to attract traffic to your website so that you are no longer jumping from tactic to tactic or trying to make the latest hot channel work for you just because everyone is saying it's the fad of the moment.  

I promise you, you won’t have seen anything like this before…



The collaborative, solution focused, result orientated process of equipping people with the tools, knowledge and opportunities they need to fully develop themselves to achieve their business objectives.



Providing expert, objective advice & recommendations and support in order to help solve problems, improve performance, and move people from their current state to their desired state. 



 Mentoring is the professional relationship in which an experienced person supports and encourages people to develop specific skills and knowledge that will maximise their business potential and improve their performance.

I Want You To Make Money With Your Photography So That You Can Support Your family, Become Financially Independent and  and Achieve Your Goals and Dreams... Period.

"Let me help you, just like I’ve helped clients increase their portrait bookings by 40%, go from booking 18 weddings to 39 weddings a year and put an extra £37,043 revenue (and growing) revenue in their business."

I’ve spoken to too many photographers on the verge of losing their dream of a photography business they love despite paying many thousands for expensive courses that have done nothing but leave them feeling more overwhelmed and broke.

I don’t want that to be you.

So together we will dive into your photography business and your market and work together to transform your website into a hard working employee that attracts a flood of clients desperate to book you.

Over the next 90 days I’m going to work WITH you to implement The Client Focus Method in your photography business.

"So hands-on and in-depth - the value is simply immense!!!"

"Before I started working with Louise I didn't feel I had any direction in my business. I had the basic website, facebook page / social media accounts and was posting to them but not really knowing what I was doing with them. 

This program has been a breath of fresh air in terms of learning the building blocks to create a website and social media presence that will work FOR me and bring in clients.

This program is absolutely worthwhile. I have so much more clarity over what I am trying to do, the words I need to use and who my client is which will form the basis of everything I do in the future.

It's divided into bite-sized modules which run for two weeks focusing on a specific task or theme which is ideal if you are working full time or trying to run your business alongside the program

The absolute best thing for me about the program is the interaction with Louise, from the weekly worksheets and tasks which she gives direct feedback on, to being able to go back and forth with ideas, to having the opportunity to ask questions on each module and receive a personalised video message with Louise's answers.

That's not even mentioning the included coaching calls and website review.

So hands-on and in-depth - the value is simply immense!!!

Louise's help and encouragement have made a vast difference to me - this is not just a distance learning course, it really is a personal coaching and consulting service.

There is so much value to the program I can't even single out the most useful things I've learned - from simple techniques to managing our weekly tasks to doing in-depth analysis and research on your market. 

It is ALL worthwhile. I haven't done a single exercise where I've thought "I don't get the point of this". 


If you want to progress your business and make a real difference to your life and photography business, you need this program.

It's not all easy, it's not something you can pick at - you need to be dedicated to working through the modules - but if you put in the effort it is so worthwhile and will change your business and your life."

- Sandie Powner (Photographer)

Consistently Attract More Clients - With a Website That Works For You 24/7 

"I'm going to show you how to implement The Client Focus Method using the 80/20 Action Vs Consumption Rule (so that you get the biggest results for the least effort) to consistently attract more clients who value your work and are eager to pay you."

Here's what you will get:

The 90 Day Sprint Business Plan

I’ll walk you through the step by step process of how to put together a plan to achieve you’re your goals for life and your photography business over the next 3 years so that you know exactly what you need to do this year, for the next 90 days, and each and every week. You’ll have total clarity on exactly what you need to do each day to grow your photography business and achieve your goals

Beat The Overwhelm With The 5 Essential Focus Points

In this business transforming training you’ll discover the 5 Essential Focus Points that will transform your photography business from a demanding job that owns you, to a business that you love, and supports you in creating the life you desire. Then we're going to help you integrate the 5 Essential Focus Points into your business so that they become a habit for life.

The Client Lens

This is worth the price of this program alone. I’m going to take you inside the mind of your perfect client. Truly understanding what motivates your clients to book you as a photographer and spend more money makes everything else you do so much easier. I’m going to show you the little-known technique that makes your clients feel like you can read their minds and that you really understand them. Once you do this your competitors won’t get a look in.

The Irresistible Message Formula

This is where we build upon all we know about your Perfect Clients and craft a message and offer that your clients can't resist. A message that is not only natural sounding and non salesy, it connects with your clients so irresistibly that they see you as the perfect photographer for them.

The Stand Out System

The Stand Out System shows you how to stand out in a sea of cheap photographers. It gives you a set of techniques that demonstrate your value, showing that you are worth every penny of your fee and more, it also makes it impossible to compare you with the sea of cheap competitors so that you become the only choice. 

The Magnetic Branding Guide

I’ll show you how to turn your website into a lead generating machine with a Perfect Invite. This is how you stop people clicking away from your website never to return again and is the powerful first step in nurturing prospects into clients on autopilot.

The Client Attractor

I’ll walk you through how to turn your website into a lead generating machine with a Perfect Invite. This is how you stop people clicking away from your website never to return again and is the powerful first step in nurturing prospects into clients on autopilot. By the end of this module you’ll have a simple system that guides your prospects into becoming clients who love all you do, whilst filtering out all of the time wasters and price shoppers on autopilot. This simple, but powerful, system will free up hours in your business so that you can spend more time doing what you love - photographing clients.

The Client Amplifier

Now all you need is consistent and steady flow of visitors. But which is the best way for you when there are so many people telling you that there method is the best? I’ll let you into a little secret - all these methods work, for the right person. But they are not all right for you. I’ll walk you through a simple assessment so that you will know which is the best way for you and your photography business to attract a consistent and steady flow of visitors to nurture into clients you love.

Powerful Accountability, Templates & Frameworks

Throughout your 90 Day Sprint I’ll be giving you action steps, a powerful accountability system, frameworks and templates so that each step of the journey you will be clear on what to do when.

Each week, I’ll be checking in with you to make sure that you are not stuck and that you are on track to get powerful results by the end of the sprint.

Q&A Sessions and Review Calls

Throughout the program we’ll have recorded Q&A Review sessions for each module and three calls to ensure that all your questions are answered and to review and give feedback on your assignments and action steps and ensure that you have a clear plan of action beyond our collaboration together.

1-2-1 Support In Our Private Client Portal

This where we collaborate and work together, to implement the Client Focus Method in your photography business and turn your website into a hard-working client attracting employee 24/7. You can ask me as many questions as you like, we’ll brainstorm ideas based around you, your business and your goals and dreams. We’ll work together on your copy and client attraction system.

Recorded Website Review

When you have updated your website with The Client Focus Method I will record a review of your website sharing what you do well and what you can do better and giving you my tips and recommendations to make it work even harder for you. 

"The more I see and learn with Louise the more I wonder what did I spend 8.4k on elsewhere over 2 years and get very little in comparison..."

"I was a little apprehensive before working with Louise and the cost was a stumbling block - I have spent a serious amount of money with other training that didn’t work which has meant a serious lack of funds, but after one phone call and a few emails along with the Facebook page I was really excited to get started. I found that my apprehension was unnecessary, and that I am able to start and complete something I never thought I would do – the client avatar has been a pain in my side for quite some time now. There is a marketer in me and you are really helping to bring it out.

A serious amount of knowledge has been passed on, but not just in words on a sheet paper. Proper methodical and put into practise training all backed up with video’s to give further guidance. The program doesn’t chase any quick shortcut fixes, its building for the future.

Louise has gone above expectations on numerous times and really does care about the people she works with. I really wished she’d have been around 5 years ago when I signed up elsewhere - the more I see and learn with Louise the more I wonder what did I spend 8.4k on elsewhere over 2 years and get very little in comparison... 

The best parts about working with Louise are her understanding, patience, knowledge and never assuming I know everything that I need to do

I also find that having Louise on hand via the coaching portal is a big benefit. It enables everything to be in one place rather than mixed up in an email address with everything else.  

The other big benefit is Louise herself! She is supportive and understanding, both of which I really like. The knowledge she has and shares is amazing, but she doesn’t cram it all down my throat at once which is perfect. She promises to get back to me within 48hrs and more often than not it’s well before this. Again, this is really important; it builds trust.

To anyone considering working with Louise I say "Do it!" You won’t find a better photography business coach. The systems and modules are designed brilliantly so that you are guided through them without getting confused. 

Finally, I would like to add a message to anyone considering Louise to help their business. Louise was a big help from the very beginning in helping me understand what I needed to help me as my business had been on a decline for a couple of years. She has an ability to bring into focus what needs to be achieved and portray it in a simple and effective manner. What I have achieved in 1 month is so much knowledge working on just one part of my business that I will have no issues in applying these techniques to my other niches and more should I bring anything else in. I am looking forward to continued work with Louise to develop my business into a something my children will be really proud of. I have no hesitation in not just recommending Louise, but telling you she is the one to help take your business to the next level.

- Paul Swift (Photographer)


Louise is a phenomenal mentor, the knowledge and focus she has brought not only to my business, but to the way I see my business is brilliant. I have never come across anyone who gives knowledge so freely and comprehensively. She has an ability to cut to the heart of the matter and see what each different business needs to make it successful. My business has moved forward with more traction and focus in the last 6 months than in the 2 years previously. I highly recommend working with Louise; even one phone call will make a difference to moving your business forward. She is very knowledgable, helpful and inspiring.


Hemma Mason



Louise was a huge help in bringing focus the Why (vs. the What) of my photography. Her ability to see the big picture and convey it in a simple, effective way made it easy for me to instantly apply her input into improving my marketing / promotional materials. Louise is also such a pleasure to interact with while being generous with her time, energy, experience, and input. I could feel how much she enjoys photography and what a reward it is for her to be of service to both the craft and to the people like her who are drawn to it. I definitely recommend Louise to anyone looking to take things to the next level.


Robert Bengtson


Why This So Much More Than Yet Another Online Course:

This isn't yet another course that you'll log into a few times and then forget about. You'll receive access to a unique and easy to use client portal that is so much more than a collection of videos and lessons. You will have your own private and secure area where we will collaborate together on implementing The Client Focus Method on your website, with everything in one place.

Accountability and Doing Through Action

"You get paid for done."

Each module you'll receive an action plan based on the 80/20 Action Vs Consumption Rule to ensure that you get the biggest results for the least action.

You'll have total clarity and know exactly what you need to do and when, with convenient reminders so that nothing slips through the net. Plus you'll see your progress through each module and feel a real sense of accomplishment as you progress.

Easy to follow actions with reminders to keep you on track

Each week we track key metrics so that you can see how your actions affect your results

Pearson's Law: That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially. 

Each week we track key metrics as you progress through the program so that you can see your results and how your actions affect them. Informative graphs give you an at a glance view of how things are going, what went well and what can be improved.

Your metrics are automatically compiled from your weekly check-in so all you have to do is watch your progress towards your goals.

In-Depth Lessons & Training

Everything you need to implement the Client Focus Method in your photography business step by step:

  • Comprehensive training videos
  • Downloadable files and training ebooks
  • Frameworks and templates to guide you step by step
  • check
    Your own course dashboard so that you can see exactly where you are and measure your progress at all times.

All your questions, answers and feedback together in one easy to navigate place

Q&A and Feedback

"The absolute best thing for me is the interaction with Louise - direct feedback, being able to go back and forth with ideas, having the opportunity to ask questions on each module and receive a personalised video message with Louise's answers."

All your questions answered plus feedback on your implementation, all kept in one convenient place so that you can easily keep track of everything.

This is where we collaborate to implement the Client Focus Method in your photography business.

"You know your stuff! You can really laser in on what each business needs."

"I felt like I had been stuck in the same place for a very long time, so I was frustrated and stuck. I have a pattern of changing things endlessly - a form of self-sabotage! I found that by working with you I became unstuck and worked through a huge part of the to do list for the year. 

I specifically liked that I could ask you anything and you were a fantastic sounding board and kept me on track. I found that the program is individual, tailored help, which is super valuable. You know your stuff! You can really laser in on what each business needs. I am so grateful for the help you have given me to get to where I am now, thank you. "

- Katie Spicer (Photographer)


"It shows my money was well spent..."

"Thanks for checking in - I genuinely appreciate it. I’ve bought into marketing programs before and they offer support but often it’s simply a FB group and the students help each other out. TBH, I hovered over the “buy now’ button on your programme for a while because it was slightly more expensive and of course, a risk, but I can see you absolutely want people to succeed and you do what you can personally to help, and that’s fantastic. It shows my money was well spent."

- Mike Rickard (Photographer)

The Client Focus Method

90 Day Program For Creating A Website That Attracts A Flood Of Clients Eager To Book You

"There is so much value to the program I can't even single out the most useful things I've learned."

So much more than yet another online course that leaves you disappointed, underwhelmed and frustrated. It’s a mixture of training, coaching, consulting and mentorship with a high level of support, feedback and 1-2-1 interaction throughout


Enrol now for the peace of mind of knowing that you can consistently attract more clients to your photography business with more ease, whilst you spend more time doing what you love, photographing clients


If you want to implement The Client Focus Method in your photography business

... click the button below

6 Monthly Payments of £397

(Just £397 today)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Checkout

If you have any questions about this program email clientsupport[at]

Note: when you enroll in the payment plan, you're required to make all payments

What Clients Have To Say About Working With Louise...



"Very pleased at how things are going your secret sauce is starting to rub off. Been struggling for ages on how to specialise in everything we do but I think we’ve cracked that to. Am currently in middle of building content for long over-due website replacement and been suffering from ‘writers block’ for sometime, but having worked through the first few modules of your program the floodgates are open."

- Doug Brown (Photographer)


"Thank you Louise, your frameworks kept me thinking I wish I had bought this before starting my photography business."

- Malvern Chisvo (Photographer)



"I do know that since I have started this program, I have really had an increase in bookings. They know what to expect from my work. Thank you again."

- Pam Clapp (Photographer)



"I finished the client avatar, which was a fascinating process. People constantly say to create an avatar, but this is the first truly comprehensive guide I’ve seen on actually doing so. Thank you for that. It was difficult l, but enlightening. I know it will be a huge help."

- Kim Forman (Photographer)


"Live I’ve mentioned before I wish I found this course about 4 years ago. The business training courses I’ve gotten have never ever taught me this."

- Darren George (Photographer)


"I can’t recommend this program highly enough. Oh, and I also love the fact there’s no flannel, no hyperbole, no gushing. Just friendly, encouraging, logical, matter-of-factness (is that a word?) which explains everything you need to know."

- Donna Green (Photographer)



"I finished the client avatar, which was a fascinating process. People constantly say to create an avatar, but this is the first truly comprehensive guide I’ve seen on actually doing so. Thank you for that. It was enlightening and I know it will be a huge help."

- Kim Forman (Photographer)


"I meant it when I said the materials are great. I have done a LOT of education, much of it from ‘big names’ and I honestly think this is truly top quality and will be much more helpful than much of what is out there!"

- Jen Moore (Photographer)


"This is amazing. It is still sinking in – I try to memorise the steps and each day I write it down from memory. I want to memorise all the information and guidelines and implement it and deliver it to my customers."

- George Novak (Photographer)

Something I want to ask you about the Client Focus Method...

If you only booked 10 more weddings over the next year… would it be worth the price you’re paying today?

(Paul booked 24 weddings within just 6 months of implementing what I'm going to share with you in this program, and has to date brought in an extra £37.4k revenue.)

If you only booked 2 more portrait clients each month over the next year… would it be worth what I’m asking you to invest?

(Gerri increased her portrait bookings by 40% through working with me).

If you only booked 2 more commercial clients each month over the next year… would it be worth what I’m asking you to invest?

If all this program did was show you how to attract leads and clients with less time and effort… so that you could spend more time with your family and loved ones… wouldn’t it be worth it?

You’re reading this because you want to change something about your photography business. If not this, how are you going to make that all important change that makes all the difference to your success and happiness as a photographer?

The Client Focus Method

For Creating A Website That Attracts A Flood Of Clients Eager To Book You


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The Triple 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I guarantee that this program works 100% of the time for 100% of the people that apply and implement 100%.

That’s why I stand by a 90 Day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Because this program is based on proven and tested business principles, not the latest flash in the pan fads and magic bullets, I know this program works.

It’s simple: Take the course and see for yourself. If it doesn’t work, I want you to email me, prove that you did 100% of the work, implementing it 100% in your business and I’ll refund you 100%.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

I’ve been a photographer for quite some time and have a well established business, should I join this program, what can it do for me?

I’m just getting started with my photography business, will this help me?

I suck at marketing. Nothing I have tried works. Can this finally help me attract clients to my photography business?

What if I don’t have enough time to complete everything in the 90 days or get a little behind?​​​​

What if I need help implementing what I learn in my business?

Can I make several payments instead of one?

What exactly am I getting in The Client Focus Method?​​​​

​Louise, you’re not a Rockstar photographer earning your living from photography, why should I listen to you?

​Louise, I just want to get paid for taking photographs, I’m not interested in the business side of things, should I join this program?

I’m sure this program is amazing but I’ve been on expensive courses that have promised the earth, some of them by big names in the photography world, and they haven’t delivered. Not matter how hard or what I tried to get what they taught to work, it just ended up being a ton of wasted money and effort.
What about The Client Focus Method is going to change that?”

More Client Feedback...


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6 Monthly Payments of £397

(Just £397 today)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Note: when you enroll in the payment plan, you're required to make all payments