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Where is your business in the photography market

Where is your business in the photography market?

Right now, there’s a well-known photographer running a launch for a Personal Branding Photography course. In one of the launch videos, they talk about how the photography market and industry has changed this past year. They go on to talk about how long-standing photography businesses are finding their bookings are down this year compared to […]

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The Perfect In-Person Sales Process For Photographers

If you do In-Person Sales or are thinking of making the switch then I highly recommend that you watch this recording of a Live training with Chris Scott that we did in the Prosperous Photographer Club. I learned a lot from Chris, and it’s perfectly in alignment with the Prosperous Photographer philosophy. Here are my key […]

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what do you do

How Do You Answer – “What Do You Do”?

Have you ever been somewhere and someone has asked you what do you do and when you replied “photographer” they responded with a “that’s nice” and moved the conversation on to something else because these days they think that everybody is a photographer, or they think that all a photographer does is point his camera […]

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How to prioritise and implement notes from an even

How to prioritise and implement when taking notes from an event 

Attending conventions and events like SWPP and WPPI is a great way to energise yourself and get fresh ideas. And of course, it is great to be surrounded by other photographers who understand the challenges that you experience as a photographer. However, there is an all too real downside. Overwhelm, distractions and bright shiny object […]

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Ever Have One of Those Days Where Everything Feels Harder Than It Should Be?

Ever have one of those mornings where your productivity is rock bottom, nothing gets done and everything feels harder than it should be? Welcome to my day! It’s 1.40pm and I’ve achieved diddly squat today. Apart from buying some fish from the fish van and signed up to try HelloFresh. I’ve been ‘working’ for 4 hours […]

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Photographer Spotlight – Jake McCarthy

Today sees the introduction of Photographer Spotlight and I’m delighted to feature Jacob McCarthy (Jake) who as well as being a talented photographer is also co-founder of Freedom Edits. Tell us a little about yourself in a few brief sentences… I’m a wedding photographer from South Wales with a passion for print and album sales. Also […]

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How To Get The Best Results For Your Photography Business in 2018

Do you ever find that you start something with good intentions to help you grow your photography business yet you never seem to follow through to the end? You plan to complete it, implement what you learn yet somehow life or business always seem to get in the way?   You’re not alone. Many photographers […]

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Focus On What You Can Control

What do you focus on in your business? The things that you have control over or the things that you have no control over? When setting goals, it’s far better to set goals based on actions that lead to the results you want rather than the results themselves. Often the results we want are dependent […]

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Why Most Photographer Websites Are Useless At Getting Clients

Why Most Photographer Websites Are Poor At Getting Clients

As I write this, it’s a grey and dull day outside. Even the colours of the autumn leaves aren’t standing out today. It reminds me of the fact that many photographers websites don’t stand out from each other – often times I can tell just by seeing the site what theme they are using or […]

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Four Simple Steps To Get Clear On What You Should Be Doing Today In Your Photography Business

Do you ever start your week or your day wondering what the hell you should be doing so that you can grow your business and book more clients? You don’t really know because you’ve had so much conflicting advice and you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused so you decide to go on Facebook to do some […]

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