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are you doing too much in your photography business?

Are You Doing Too Much?

Most people do too much.

Their businesses, and their lives, are cluttered with busy work and unnecessary activities that stop them from doing what's important, the things that generate and bring in the money or their goals.

They waste their most valuable commodity – time – by responding to what is perceived as urgent whilst ignoring what is really important.

Are you one of these super busy people?

Are you anywhere near as effective as you could and should be?

The most successful people, those who achieve their goals and dreams narrow their focus and spend time on the things that will give them the business and life that they want. spend time on the things that will give you the business and life that you want Click To Tweet

And they delegate, eliminate, minimise and systemise the rest.

If you want to create your ideal business, the one that will support the lifestyle that you truly want, you have to spend time with the most important people and doing the most important tasks.

Delegate, eliminate, minimise and systemise the things that aren't part of your genius. The things that someone else could do so that you can spend your time doing the things that only you can do.

You have to be productive not busy.


About the Author Louise Beattie

Louise Beattie is founder of the Prosperous Photographer. When she isn’t helping photographers fill their diary with clients by transforming their website from a pretty "brochure" to a hard working lead and client generating machine, Louise loves time playing with her dogs, MotoGP and watching The West Wing (again). She also likes to geek out about business and marketing.

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