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are you sabotaging your photography business

Are You Sabotaging Your Photography Business?

Are you frustrated that the days when you could publish a website for your photography business and be confident of a steady flow of leads and clients are long gone? Feeling sick and tired of spending a small fortune on courses from rockstar photographers and gurus, trying everything that you were taught and still feeling […]

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Why Most Photographers Struggle To Book Clients Through Their Social Media Content

Wondering why you are not getting enquiries and booking clients through your social media? Watch this video. There are 5 types of content that you need to be posting regularly if you want to book more clients through social media and I recently recorded a training for Focus-Action-Results 90-Day Sprint members showing them exactly what […]

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Does Common Advice On Pricing For Photographers Do More Harm Than Good?

The other day I recorded a video about the common advice on pricing for photographers and why it’s doing more harm than good in many cases. Pricing strategies for photographers shouldn’t be a one size fits all thing. It depends very much on what phase your photography business is in, and therefore your current objectives. […]

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