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How to prioritise and implement notes from an even

How to prioritise and implement when taking notes from an event 

Attending conventions and events like SWPP and WPPI is a great way to energise yourself and get fresh ideas. And of course, it is great to be surrounded by other photographers who understand the challenges that you experience as a photographer. However, there is an all too real downside. Overwhelm, distractions and bright shiny object […]

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Ever Have One of Those Days Where Everything Feels Harder Than It Should Be?

Ever have one of those mornings where your productivity is rock bottom, nothing gets done and everything feels harder than it should be? Welcome to my day! It’s 1.40pm and I’ve achieved diddly squat today. Apart from buying some fish from the fish van and signed up to try HelloFresh. I’ve been ‘working’ for 4 hours […]

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