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Three Strategies To Double Your Photography Income

There has never been a better time to be successful in the photography business. With a clear and simple strategy you can attract more high quality clients who value your work with a lot more ease and less overwhelm than you are currently experiencing.
But to do this you do need a clear and simple strategy, one that will attract more high quality clients who value your work. Once you get that strategy in place, as one client said “It’s like a quick demisting of the windscreen. It clears up a lot.” You know exactly what to focus on in you your business and what you should be doing each day to attract those high quality clients that you deserve. In this article I share the three distinct phases to a strategy for a prosperous photography business.

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There Has Never Been A Better Time To Succeed In Photography

We see it everywhere, photographer’s saying that they are struggling to get clients, you can’t succeed in photography anymore, the market is saturated with photographers undercutting each other, just about giving away the digital files, and it’s killing the market. I’ve even seen people say that it’s not possible to make a living at photography […]

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